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08. april


Here you can find information in English about the Danish Social-Liberal Party
Introduction to the Danish Social-Liberal Party
Radikale Venstre (the Danish Social-Liberal Party) was founded as an independent party in May 1905. Originally many intellectuals, small agrarians, and craftsmen supported Radikale Venstre, but today its members represent all parts of Danish society.
Radikale Venstre is situated at the centre of the Danish political spectrum. From here the party has co-operated with both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ sides of the Folketing (the Danish Parliament).This has made it possible to contribute considerably to the political development, whilst being a guarantor against excesses from both political wings.
In May 2015 Radikale Venstre - the Danish Social Liberal Party - celebrated its one-hundredth-tenth birthday. Throughout the twentieth century the party has had a central role in the Danish political history, a story well known to Danish readers, but most likely not to a international audience.
The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) party brings together political parties with common liberal, democratic and reform ideals from more than 30 European countries. The ALDE party is an international non-profit association (aisbl) which has its seat in Brussels (Belgium).
The role of the ALDE party is to:
* strengthen the Liberal Democrat movement in the EU and throughout Europe 
* assist Liberal Democrat politicians across Europe to become better acquainted and to define a common political vision 
* draw up and adopt a common manifesto for the European Parliament elections.
ALDE were the first to create a European political family in 1976 in view of the first European elections and established ALDE as a true European political party in 1993. Representing millions of European voters, the ALDE party provides an increasingly vital link between citizens and the EU institutions and is continuously growing in size and significance.
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